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Our secret place nestled in a beautiful & scenic valley within the adelaide hills

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Camelot Castle, built in the early 1900s, is a grand, Medieval style, stone building, hidden away in the picturesque valley at Basket range in the Adelaide Hills, in the heart of South Australia.

The secluded castle and picturesque gardens are an ideal setting for a romantic and special events just a 25 minute drive from the centre of the city of Adelaide. A very well situated cosy spot, even the drive will have you in awe.

Elements of Medieval decor at Camelot Castle are interlaced among brick and creamy stone, creating a beautifully charming ambiance. Many people refer to this location as a "Storybook Destination" because of the character and history.

Selected as a cultural landmark in Adelaide, this little hideaway has been distinguished among the "Best wedding locations in Australia".

Camelot Castle lends itself to the perfect get away within a scenic drive to various attractions the Adelaide Hills have to offer.

Visit local wineries, and orchards , experience native wildlife, dine in boutique restaurants and browse around heritage towns.

Magical moments are made at Camelot Castle

Charming Chapel
Magnificent gardens
Enchanting waterfall and fountains
Picturesque pathways and courtyards
Medieval style architecture
Warm fireplaces
Romantic settings
Several Function rooms
Townhouse accommodation


The most unusual residence to be built on the subdivision of Warwick Park in the Adelaide Hills in 1936 was a residence for Albert Pinchbeck, a land agent.

Following Albert Pinchbeck's visit to England, he commissioned an Italian Stonemason, Joe Carli, a resident of Basket Range, to build a 2 storey residence, styled along the lines of the English Warwick Castle. Stones for the building were obtained locally and we are told that most of them were transported by Mrs Joe Carli using a hand barrow. Unfortunately a lot of the stones were porous and the castle wall leaked when it rained. To overcome the problem, the walls were painted with linseed oil and has contributed to the castle’s grey and weathered appearance. It was better known simply as the Castle.

Albert Pinchbeck lived there with his wife for a number of years before selling to medical practitioner, Dr Clement Wells in March 1941, who established a practice in his home. He was responsible for adding an extra room, which he used as a surgery.

In 1946, Roy and Mary Sendy bought the Castle from Dr Wells and set up business as the Basket Range Castle Tea Rooms, where for 20 years, they served Devonshire teas to busloads of tourists.

In marked contrast to the tea, scones and tourists at the Castle, the next owner, Mr and Mrs Smith installed a collection of antique furniture within and vintage cars outside.

After 2 years, they sold the Castle to the Sellicks as a private residence.

The Sellicks who stayed only 12 months after experiencing a Basket Range winter, sold the property to a young Austrian immigrant with a background as a hotelier, Helmut Reicht in 1971.

After purchasing the Castle, Mr Reicht began a lifetime of restoration of the house and garden, creating an imposing castle in a medieval style reminiscent of the fairy tale structures he had seen around Europe.

Helmut over the years extended and renovated much of Camelot Castle.

After four decades of continuous change and extensions, the establishment now boasts large reception and dining rooms, ballrooms, accommodation suites, a tiny chapel in the midst of lush gardens with waterfalls, fountains, terraces, courtyards and pathways.

Camelot Castle over the years have enticed over 3000 bridal couples from around the Adelaide Hills, interstate and from countries as far as Japan and China to seal their wedding vows in its private Chapel and garden.

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Even throughout our summer hot days, while Adelaide may be sweltering, our grounds and loaction at the bottom of a sweeping valley allow us to enjoy cool, fresh air, so whether you prefer a sun bathed setting or a cool shady spot we have you covered.

If the weather turns out not to your liking, we do have climate controlled indoor areas to continue your procedings unhindered.

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